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A group of expert coaches, personal trainers and physical therapists helping people of all backgrounds reach their goals for over 30 years.

Hello, my name is David Potach from Omaha, Nebraska.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to tell you about Quest . . . a company that’s transforming the way people get fit and healthy through online personal training and coaching. Quest helps all sorts of people like my friend Stephanie. She is a busy prosecutor and mother of two. While she has both professional and family-related goals, she wants to remain active as well and has chosen to do that through triathlons and running races like half marathons.

Stephanie had training or injury questions that she just didn’t have time to address while playing the waiting game. So I helped her train for half marathons and triathlons via email, text and phone. That experience with several people–like Stephanie–and the desire to help more people encouraged Roger Earle and me to start Quest.

I am a physical therapist and owned and operated a physical therapy clinic for 10 years. During that time, I knew there was a better way to help people like Stephanie. People are challenged to schedule with the expert of their choice at a a time that’s convenient for their busy schedules

Quest solves this challenge by providing online personal training and coaching to clients who need help achieving a goal, like training for a triathlon or recovering from an injury.

It’s pretty cool how we do this, read through the information below to learn more about us and our process!

David Potach

Founder and CEO, Quest

How it works

Quest makes training easier by providing online personal training and coaching to help you achieve a goal, like training for a triathlon, getting in shape or losing weight. Read more here . . .

Quest Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that all Appointments may not go as we wish. If that was the case for you, we apologize. For that reason we offer the following Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy.

Online Training

Based in Omaha but providing services throughout the world. We use online video conferencing and other modern communication methods to make training easy for you.

Forward Thinking

Online coaching and personal training is the most convenient way to reach your goals. We couple this convenience with the latest research on exercise, training, and performance.

Problem Solvers

Our experience allows us to help clients reach easy and more challenging goals. Whatever your goal, there’s an excellent chance have done that and we can help.

Our Story

Quest was founded as a way to bring expert care, consultation, and advice to everyone, regardless of location or schedule. We believe expert care equals better results. As such, we have brought together an unmatched group of expert coaches and personal trainers. Check out some of the things our providers have done.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Based in Omaha, David is a sports physical therapist with a special focus on the training and rehabilitation of endurance athletes and those looking to improve strength, speed and power.

He has worked with thousands of athletes and has also served on several committees for different professional organizations like the NSCA and APTA.

In addition, David has had research published in professional journals and chapters in academic textbooks, he has lectured Internationally, and he was honored by being named one of the first NSCA Sports Medicine Professionals of the Year.



COO & Co-Founder

Roger has over 28 years of experience as a personal fitness trainer, competitive sport conditioning coach, and behavior modification facilitator for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Previously, he was the associate executive director and the director of exam development for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), where he was responsible for reviewing and editing the CSCS and NSCA-CPT exams and the related textbooks.

Roger has authored or edited 10 fitness- and resistance training-related books and have lectured at national and international conferences about client- and athlete-level training programs, weight management, and exercise motivation.

Our Experts

Quest was founded as a way to bring expert care, consultation, and advice to everyone, regardless of location or schedule. Read more here . . .

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