Train For a Sport Or Event

There are many challenges when it comes to preparing for a race or event; for some, even the thought of covering 3 miles (and another point-one!) can be daunting especially if the person doesn’t do any activity to start with, much less a 5K all-at-once! Each event and activity has its own special allure; Quest Coaches understand this and have the professional knowledge and personal experience (as a current strength coach, runner; usually both!) to assess your current training status and then develop a customized training program to prepare you for your race or event!

Do you have the same training goals as everyone else?


What about the same personal schedule and communication preferences?

Of course not!

You need a training platform that works with your unique training and communication needs. That is why Quest offers a variety of packages to meet the needs you have. Each coaching package provides excellent value, but each does so in a way that most benefits you. Check out each of our individualized training packages below to find the one that will allow you to reach your goals in a way that’s comfortable for you.

Each package includes the following features:


3, 4, 5, or 6-day/week plan


Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are committed to providing you the most complete selection of training and coaching services at fair prices from the most dedicated experts in the business. Read more . . .


Specific workouts



Pre- and post-race checklist

A handy checklist to help ensure that you have everything you need leading up to, and during, your race.


Adjustments for injury


Quest Store Discount

Depending on the package you choose, you will receive a discount to the Quest Store.


Race day planning


Custom designed program

Your program will be written for you and you alone.

In addition to the above features, each plan includes the following:

*Note: These services may be added with an additional fee.

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