Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Promise to You

We are committed to providing you the most complete selection of training and coaching services at fair prices from the most dedicated experts in the business. We strive to bring you the absolute best online service experience. We do everything possible to have the Appointments you experience with our Providers be better than any other existing service provider, online or offline. We pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled level of Provider expertise. If we are fortunate to earn your business, we promise to make sure Quest is a valuable tool for you to use to reach your personal goal.

Top Notch Providers at Reasonable Rates

We do our best every day to ensure that our Providers are the best you can find anywhere. We constantly review our Providers to verify you are getting the best service. When you are comparing our prices with other service provider companies, please make sure you check the total price which includes the price of the service but also includes the time you have to spend traveling to and from in-person appointments, the time you have to sit in a waiting room, the time you have to deal with insurance companies, unnecessary office visits, and so on. We would be very surprised if you find a total price lower than ours.

The Quest Guarantee

We understand that all Appointments may not go as we wish. If that was the case for you, we apologize. For that reason we offer the following Refund Procedure.

  1. Submit your initial Refund Request here.
  2. We will forward the Refund Request to your Provider.
  3. If your Provider agrees with the Refund Request AND if you have complied with Quest’s Terms of Use, Quest will issue a refund.
  4. If your Provider does not agree with the Refund Request, Quest will review the situation and any materials (e.g., notes, programs) related to the Request.
  5. If our review reveals no abuse on your part and that you have complied with Quest’s Terms of Use, you will be issued a refund.


We will not issue a Refund for any and all of the following reasons

  • You did not achieve your goal. Neither Quest nor any of its Providers can ensure your goal will be reached.
  • Quest’s Terms of Use were violated.


If you have any questions, suggestions, recommendations, or ideas you’d like to pass along to us, please contact us.