We all have questions about how things work.

We have attempted to answer some of the most common questions we receive. Below are answers to those questions.

How much does it cost?

  • Each Quest Personal Training & Coaching service is sold as a package:
    • For Exclusive, Complete and Concierge packages,
      • A $100 for a 60-minute Initial Consultation Appointment
        • This includes your Provider’s time to review your initial health and exercise history forms AND the first four weeks of your new program!
      • Monthly fee for Follow-up Appointments and/or “email time” with your Provider (a total of 15 minutes of contact time per week)
    • For the Prime package,
      • $150 for a 60-minute Initial Consultation Appointment and a four week program

How can you help me if you’re not located in the same city as me?

We believe that the quality that separates expert from novice practitioners is not counting repetitions or running with clients and athletes. Rather, the defining qualities are the abilities to develop and execute a sound, research-based plan and adjust those plans based on athlete or client response. What does that look like? Our plans are laid out in such a way to anticipate what physiological changes will occur and how to progress when they do. However, sometimes things happen to disrupt those plans. Appropriately adjusting plans when those disruptions happen is a key quality experts must possess. None of these qualities requires you to live in the same city as your coach or trainer.

What is the exact interval for monthly payments, i.e. is it 30 days?

The amount of time between a monthly billing interval is one month. This means 30 days for some months (April, June etc.), 31 days for others, and then 28 or 29 days for February. If a service is purchased on the 15th of February, the next payment will be charged on the 15th March.

What about services purchased on the last day of the month?

If a service is purchased on the last day of the month, recurring payments will continue to be charged on the last day of the month. For example, if a service is purchased on the 31st December, its next 5 payments will be charged on:

  • 31st January
  • 28th February (or 29th February for a leap year)
  • 31st March
  • 30th April
  • 31st May

If I buy a subscription on December 15th, when will I be charged for the month of December?

By default, the billing schedule for a service is based on the day you buy the subscription. If you buy a subscription on the 15th December, you will pay on the 15th December, then be billed for renewal on the 15th January (then 15th February etc.).

Is there an age requirement?

  • Clients must be 19 years old to purchase and participate in a Quest appointment. Exceptions are made if a person younger than 19 is accompanied by his or her legal guardian (who must be seen by the Provider during the full duration of the appointment).

Will Insurance cover this?

  • In nearly all cases, the answer is no. While some services may be offered by professionals licensed in other areas (e.g., physical therapy), the services are personal training only. No medical or physical therapy diagnosing or treating is provided.

Are my appointments recorded?

  • All non-healthcare services may be recorded.
  • These recordings are used to ensure Provider quality and compliance and if a Provider needs to review a meeting to develop the client’s program.
  • All recordings comply with Quest’s Privacy Policy.

If I am meeting via online video conferencing, will my computer work for an appointment? What about my smartphone or tablet?

  • Skype can be used on a variety of equipment types, including
    • PC’s
    • Mac’s
    • Android Smartphone
    • Iphone
    • Ipad
    • Blackberry
    • All that’s needed is downloading the applicable program and/or app.

Are Quest’s meetings HIPAA compliant?

  • Health care providers have a tremendous obligation when clients and patients provide them with protected health information (PHI); the obligation to secure that information is governed in the United States by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Skype videoconferencing service enables the transmission of patient information containing PHI; it does not engage in any “use” or “disclosure” of PHI, as HIPAA defines those terms. Skype simply acts as a “conduit” or the electronic equivalent of a courier service. Thus, it does not require HIPAA compliance. Further:
  • A Skype videoconference does not constitute a medical record.
  • The participants in a Skype videoconference, with whom patient information may be shared, are determined by the called or calling parties, or the meeting host.
  • Skype supports media encryption (AES 128) for transmissions.
  • Skype does not store transmissions on servers in the Skype cloud.
  • Skype personnel do not view or access transmissions.
  • To remain HIPAA compliant, Quest will not record any health-related sessions.