The Woman Triathlete


Author: Gandolfo, Christina

Date of Publication: 11/23/2004

Pages: 248

ISBN-13: 9780736054300

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Polish your technique and fine-tune your training. The Woman Triathlete is the sport’s premier resource, customized to meet your specific needs.

Current Her Sports and former Triathlete editor in chief Christina Gandolfo assembled an all-star cast of female triathletes and coaches. Barb Lindquist teaches swim technique. Bettina Younge explains how to maximize efficiency on the bike. Heather Fuhr offers insights for striding ahead of the competition on the run. Gale Bernhardt, Siri Lindley, and Lori Bowden present a complete blueprint for excelling in sprint, Olympic, and long-distance races.

Expert advice on equipment, nutrition, and a host of other topics ensures you’ll find targeted information on each topic. Written by women for women, this book is both a comprehensive and personal guide to becoming the best and fastest triathlete you can be.

Chapter 1. Training in Three Sports, Excelling in One Linda Buchanan
Chapter 2. Setting Your Triathlon Goals and Planning Your Training Libby Burrell
Chapter 3. Streamlining Your Swim Barb Lindquist
Chapter 4. Building Power on the Bike Bettina Younge
Chapter 5. Running Strong to the Finish Heather Fuhr
Chapter 6. Balancing Training and Recovery Jackie Gallagher
Chapter 7. Strengthening and Testing Your Performance Lisa Bentley
Chapter 8. Getting Set for Sprint Racing Gale Bernhardt
Chapter 9. Succeeding at the Olympic Distance Siri Lindley
Chapter 10. Taking the Long-Distance Challenge Lori Bowden
Chapter 11. Winning the Mind Game and Staying Motivated Joanna Zeiger
Chapter 12. Gearing Up for Triathlon Liz Dobbins
Chapter 13. Fueling for Optimal Performance Kimberly Brown
Chapter 14. Managing and Avoiding Injury Britt Caling
Chapter 15. Training Through Pregnancy Bonnie Berk

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