Delavier’s Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy


Author: Delavier, Frederic

Date of Publication: 10/03/2013

Pages: 144

ISBN-13: 9781450463591

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From powerful blows to explosive kicks, Delavier’s Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy takes you inside the action and impact of one of the world’s most popular, grueling, and challenging sports.

Over 230 full-color photos and 120 anatomical illustrations allow you to go inside more than 120 exercises specifically selected for the neuromuscular demands of the sport. You’ll see how muscles interact with surrounding joints and skeletal structures and how variations and sequencing can isolate specific muscles to enhance the full arsenal of combat skills.

Delavier’s Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy features an anatomomorphological approach to allow you to choose the most effective exercises for your body type, physical conditioning, and fighting style. From boxing to ground fighting, you’ll enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses with more than 20 proven programs.

Featuring the latest exercises for injury prevention and foam roller techniques for muscle regeneration, it’s all here and all in the stunning detail that only Frédéric Delavier can provide.

Introduction: Why Bodybuilding?
Part 1
Principles of Strength Training 10

Developing Your Program 13
30 Steps to Developing Your Training Program 13
Purpose of Dividing Training 29

Techniques for Strength and Power 31
Eight Principles to Prepare the Muscles for Fighting 31
Five Types of Strength Most Often Used in Fighting 32
Secrets of an Effective Strike 34
Breathing During Strength Training 35
Adapting Strength Training to the Demands of a Fight 36

Conditioning and Endurance Techniques 41
Power and Conditioning: Two Very Different Muscle Qualities 41
Five Rules for Minimizing Opposition of Power and Endurance 41
Adjusting Circuits for Optimal Conditioning 42

Techniques for Increasing Flexibility 44
Flexibility and Stiffness: Two Opposite Muscle Qualities 44
When to Stretch 46
How to Stretch 48

Techniques for Recovery and Injury Prevention 49
Warm-Up 49
Cool-Down 50
Regenerative Massage Using a Foam Roller 51
Injury-Causing Strength Imbalances 52
Cross-Education for Recovery From Injury 53
Nutritional Approach to Recovery 53

Part 2
Strength Training Exercises Specifically for Fighting 54

Neck, Trapezius, and Jaw 56
Exercises for the Neck 60
Neck Flexion 60
Neck Extension 61
Lateral Neck Flexion 63
Strengthening the Jaw 64
Surround Your Neck With Massive Trapezius Muscles 65
Shrug 66

Strengthening the Abdominal Wall 69
Sit-Up 70
Standing Cable Crunch 73
Twisting Crunch 74
Leg Rotation on Pull-Up Bar 77
Plank 78

Punches and Elbow Strikes 80
Exercises for Explosiveness 81
Narrow-Grip Bench Press 81
Punch and Elbow Strike With Elastic Band or Pulley 83
Medicine Ball Throw 85
Forearms 86
Wrist Extension 87
Wrist Curl 88
Strengthening Your Stance 90
Partial Squat 90
Standing Calf Raise 92

Kicks and Knee Strikes 94
Paradoxes of the Psoas Muscle 95
Exercises for Increasing Strength 96
Standing Leg Lift 96
Leg Lift on Pull-Up Bar 98
Knee Strike on All Fours 99

Grabbing, Pulling, and Choking an Opponent 100
Pull-Up 100
Power Triceps Extension 101
Hanging From Pull-Up Bar 102
Hammer Curl 104

Chokes or Countering a Choke 105
Exercises for Endurance 105
Hanging From Straps 105
Isometric Adduction 106
Leg Press Using Full Range of Motion 108
Seated Squat 109
Lying Leg Curl 109
Reverse Calf Raise 111
Bridge 112
How the Muscles of Respiration Affect Endurance 113
Lying Rib Cage Expansion With Weight 114
Importance of Hip Flexibility 115
Hip Rotator Stretch 115

Lifting and Pulling an Opponent 117
Conventional Deadlift 117
Straight-Leg Deadlift 120
Dumbbell Clean 121
Row 123

Part 3
Training Programs 126
Beginning Programs for Overall Strength 128
Program for Gaining Familiarity With Strength Training 128
Program for Increasing Volume of Work 128
Advanced Beginner Program 129

Specialized Programs 130
Basic Specialized Program 130
Advanced Specialized Program 130
Highly Advanced Specialized Program 131

Customized Programs 132
Boxing Program 132
Kicking Program 133
Ground Fighting Program 133
Hand-to-Hand Fighting Program 134

Conditioning Circuits 135
Basic Circuit for Beginners 135
Intermediate Basic Circuit 135
Advanced Basic Circuit 136

Customized Circuits 137
Boxing Circuit 137
Kicking Circuit 137
Ground Fighting Circuit 138
Hand-to-Hand Fighting Circuit 138

Specialized Circuits You Can Do at Home 139
Specialized Circuit for Protecting the Neck 139
Specialized Circuit for Abdominal Support 140

Circuits for Injury Prevention 140
Preventing Shoulder Pain 140
Preventing Low Back Pain 141
Preventing Neck Pain 141
Preventing Hip Pain 142
Preventing Knee Pain and Hamstring Tears 143

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