Championship Triathlon Training


Authors: George Dallam, Steven Jonas

Date of Publication: 05/08/2008

Pages: 320

ISBN-13: 9780736069199

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Dedication, passion, obsession—for serious endurance athletes, coaches, duathletes, and triathletes, the quest for improvement never ends. Knowing they can shave time from the previous performance, they seek out the latest in research and training techniques.

In Championship Triathlon Training, renowned experts George Dallam and Steven Jonas provide you with the same advanced conditioning concepts and programming used by today’s elite triathletes.

By understanding the science behind the principles, you will incorporate physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and injury prevention into your regimen to address your specific needs and the demands of competition. Specifically, you’ll learn these techniques:

  • Use weight training, plyometrics, and core development to accelerate skill development in all phases of swimming, running, and cycling.
  • Apply metabolic training to improve endurance and race speed.
  • Combine sport-specific skills, such as mounting and dismounting, with metabolic training to improve transition times between phases.
  • Develop more efficient movement patterns for increased performance potential and reduced injury.
  • Assess health and physical status to avoid overtraining.

Complete with sample programs for each triathlon distance, technique analysis, training- and race-specific fueling strategies, and tips for motivation, focus, and goal setting, Championship Triathlon Training will optimize your training and maximize your results.

Chapter 1. Essential Training Elements and Guidelines
Chapter 2. Training the Mind
Chapter 3. Assessing and Improving Technique
Chapter 4. Training for Strength and Muscular Balance
Chapter 5. Complex Speed and Endurance Training
Chapter 6. Race-Specific Training and Strategy
Chapter 7. Creating a Long-Term Training Program
Chapter 8. Race-Specific Training Programs
Chapter 9. Health and Fueling for Optimal Performance

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