Airex Balance Pad


  • Applies to balance training, coordination and reaction training, posture stability training, conditioning, and motor skill training to maintain balance.
  • Pad gently compresses as you stand on it.
  • Easy to clean; multifunctional use.
  • Closed-cell structure; impervious to water.
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Airex Balance Pads are great for balance, mobility, standing stability, and motor-skill training. Balance Pads improve joint stability through moderate instability. Airex features tear-resistant foam for long-time use while its closed cell construction provides flat and stable non-slip comfort with superb cushioning. The destabilizing properties of the supersoft specialty foam make these products excellent tools to improve motor skills and balance.

Additional Info
  • The Airex Balance Pads are sanitized to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Body weight causes person to sink into soft mat creating instability.
  • You can use two Airex Balance Pads (stacked) or use the pad atop a larger mat for even greater instability.
  • Stand on 1 or 2 legs and perform squats, lunges and reaching touches to improve strength and stability.
  • Stack two pads together for greater instability.



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