Quest Experts

Quest was founded as a way to bring expert care, consultation, and advice to everyone, regardless of location or schedule. Each Provider has been chosen by Quest and has passed our stringent review of his or her background. To learn more, click here for how our services work.

Our Providers are experts in their fields. Below is what you can expect from your Provider:


  • Experience
    • You’re looking for an expert to help you achieve an important goal. Now is not the time to collaborate with someone fresh out of school or who just got certified.
    • All of our providers have a minimum of five years’ experience.
  • Advanced Credentials
    • Most professions offer the opportunity to work in a general capacity without specialization. While that is fine for some, that is not our philosophy.
    • All of our Providers have advanced training, certifications, and credentials and have had them for years.
  • Spotless Track Record
    • When looking for a professional, it might be difficult for you to do a thorough search of his or her background. We’ve done that work for you. We believe a clean history of practice is essential.
    • All of our Providers are in good standing with their State Licensing/Professional Board.
  • Excellent Communication
    • We’ve all interacted with people who just can’t seem to explain things well enough. You won’t experience that with our Providers.
    • All Quest Providers have an excellent “bedside” manner; they will help you understand the plan you’re on and be patient with any questions you may have.