How the Quest Process Works

The Challenge

How to schedule with the expert of your choice at a a time that’s convenient for your busy schedule.

The Solution

Quest solves those problems by providing online personal training and coaching to help you achieve a goal, like training for a sport or event, training to look or feel better, or returning from an injury.

Complete Planning to Reach Your Goals

Convenient Three Step Process

Step One--Sign up for a training package

In addition to custom programs, Quest offers training with an expert to reach three primary goals,

With each service type is the bio of Quest’s Provider. Once you’ve chosen your service, choose the satisfaction guaranteed package that best suits your goals, then checkout. You will need to complete and return several forms (such as your medical and exercise histories) so your Provider can learn about you and prepare for your initial 60-minute consultation. Once you’ve made your payment, you will be given a link to required forms; please be sure to allow at least 48 hours between when you submit your forms and when you meet with your Provider.

Step Two--2. Meet with your coach or personal trainer

Meet with your Coach however you’d like (Skype, Facetime, phone, text, chat, email)

Your information will be given to your Coach who will then contact you to determine a convenient time to meet. During the initial 60-minute consultation, you and your Provider will discuss your medical history, current fitness status, dietary habits, and goals. The purpose of this session is help you and your Provider to get to know each other and for your Provider to learn the needed information to develop your program. When developing this program, your Provider will recommend a certain number of weekly Follow Up Meetings.


Step Three--Start training with your custom made program

Following this initial meeting, Quest’s Providers follow a tried-and-true approach with their clients: (1) regular contact and (2) a well-designed, purposeful program. Each week, you’ll have a total of 15 minutes of video conferencing and/or email time with your Personal Trainer. The first 15-minute video meeting after your initial consultation will be to discuss the first four weeks of your program, and every 3-4 weeks your Provider will present you with your next “block” of training.